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The city Council of Iguazu, by majority, approved the rules that points to the responsible ownership of pets. It consists of 57 items, and contemplates the creation of an advisory council, sanction the abandonment, abuse, or illegal sale of dogs.

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Approved an ordinance to protect the pets - Missions Four 1

The selectmen of Iguazu approved this week the draft ordinance 45/17 of responsible ownership of domestic animals. Under the office of the commissions of Finance, General Legislation, environment, recreation and Public Health regulations that consists of 57 articles comes to seek solutions to a problem that plagues the community, and in some cases threatens their health and well-being. The ordinance, provides penalties to those who abuse or abandon the pet.

Based on the Article 88, subsection E of the Carta Orgánica Municipal, the standard bore the signature of the councilors Natalia Mendez Ferreyra, Juan José Raynoldi and Lucio Schreiner.

“The ordinance is to be integral to the reality referred to the responsible pet ownership in our city,” explained city council member Mendez Ferreyra. “There is in our city a number of dogs abandoned or with diseases that can cause damage to the public health whose care is supported by members of protectors and rescuers”, he added.

In that address he explained that the ordinance was developed in conjunction with health professionals, physicians, veterinarians, neighbors, and that while it is extensive it is not complete, it tries to give a pass to situations of abuse, abandonment or illegal sale of animals”. So he added that “the rule provides for the creation of an advisory council that will be composed by representatives of the executive, the legislative, public health physicians, veterinarians, members of protective and mutual neighbors that were concerned about the health and status of animals”. (RADIO CATARATAS.COM).



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