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(NEWS SINCE).- A young man took advantage of the error in the advertising of a store ‘s mexican and bought 450 pounds of kibble to dog for just 333 pesos, $ 19, which will be distributed to stray dogs and organizations that protect animals.

Alan Santana, 27 years of age and a resident of San Luis Potosí, took his mother to do some shopping at Soriana, a chain of supermarkets in Mexico, on the evening of Tuesday last.

When you get to the store, he noticed that in the section of food and items for pet had a proclamation setting a price of 18.50 pesos a piece, a dollar six cents, on several sacks of kibble out of 25 kilos each one.

The young man tells VICE that he immediately took a photo of the announcement and went out to find a cart to load all 18 bags of kibble that were on display, according to their calculations with the offer announced it would pay a total of 333 pesos.

However, as expected, when you get to the cash register he was told that the total was increased to 6 thousand pesos, 343 dollars, including a discount of 3×2 for a season of special that manages a chain of stores under the campaign “Julio Regalado”, and the employee refused to sell the goods, in 18.50.

Immediately the tension grew with the denial of the employee and the manager to make valid the price listed by mistake.

But the young man did not give up and in front of the manager of the store, which turned out to be his neighbor, again insisted that would not go away without the 18 sacks of food and no access went to Profeco, as told to VICE.

Finally, Alan came out of the store with the 18 sacks of kibble and by means of Facebook pledged to give away the food to those who really needed him; that was his purpose since he saw the offer.

The young man was severely criticized by some people who thought of the consequences that would have for the employee that made the mistake, but for him what is important is that many dogs homeless eat.

The story became viral quickly and was not only baptized as #LordCroquetas in social networks but also has been recognized by hundreds of users for your noble action and got an appointment with the girl who likes.

Now this armando bags of kibble for those who are interested to pass by them and give them to the stray dogs that they are. In addition to straying away sacks of 25 kilos for delivery to associations of animal protectors or rescuers.

This same week another store mexican had to sell LED screens for a reasonable price after an employee committed the error when placing the ad.

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