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By unanimous vote the governing body, in the session yesterday, approved the new comprehensive regulation of the marketing and use of fireworks in the party of Junín.
The session took place at noon in the were of the Municipal Museum of Art (MUMA), where he also focused on issues of interest, such as the communication to the Executive on a number of claims to the PAMI , on what makes health coverage and its deficiencies, disseminated by some schools of retirees gathered in the multi-sector Retirees and Pensioners of Junín.
In this regard, the block of Front Renovator-1País proposed treatment, to the accompaniment of the brand-new unibloque Commitment by Junín, composed by Andrew Rose (see separate note), the block Drive Citizen and Junin for the Victory (which makes up Santiago Aguiar), with the negative Change of Buenos Aires and the Concertación Plural (composed by Marcelo Garcia).

According to the ordinance, prohibits the use of pyrotechnics at events organized by public institutions, sports, social and cultural rights, to be regulated also in terms of what are the events private.
This topic has caused a large public debate, mainly in that this ordinance is allowed or not, depending on whether it was an event organized by a public entity or by a private individual, if it was fireworks audible or not, and if made with allowed products or not. This discussion also moved yesterday to the council, but finally, made some reforms, an agreement was reached, which surely by now is celebrated by the organizations that were driving him, as are the Protective of animals, the community Asperger’s and Veterans of the Malvinas war.

The multi-sector Retirees and Pensioners of Junín presented its concerns to city Council regarding complaints of affiliates about the benefits that it grants or not, the PAMI.
The project is about the elevation by the Municipal Executive to the PAMI central, a petition drawn up by the multi-Sectoral. On tables are treated the same, with the approval of 13 votes in favour and 7 against, in this case of Change and negotiation, Plural.
Dr. Hugo Talani (F. R.) read the proposal: to raise the request of the retirees to PAMI Central, to be able to arrive at a better agreement for care practices and consultation that these members require. Raise to the providers of medical care in the home, to see the feasibility of having a call center local to fulfill the order of urgency, with the urgency that it requires the call; request the Executive Department intervention to optimize the system for hospitalization when required.

Federal Prison
At the initiative of the Front-Renovator, the governing body approved a communication project addressed to the president of the Nation, Mauricio Macri, to provide for the withdrawal of Budget 2018 the construction of a federal penitentiary in Junín.
This communication was unanimously approved, with the clarification on the part of Change that the Mayor had objected to the construction of a new prison in Junin, as it is dependent on the Province or of the Nation.
About Patrick Fay mentioned that a federal prison contains prisoners of other features that have the inmates of today’s prisons of Junín (UP 13 and 16 and Alcaidía 49), but rather are drug-traffickers, kidnappers, etc

Other approved
Among the approved projects contained also the request for the creation in the Judicial Department of Junín, for a specialized Prosecutor’s office on violence constitutional, provided for in a law enacted in 2014, that gives a term of two years for the creation of these prosecutors ‘ offices.
For the reasons stated above, the project is a communication to the attorney general of the province of Buenos Aires, to create this delegation, and in the same terms, to the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the province of Buenos Aires.
It is an agency that deals with cases of institutional violence that occur, in this case, in the Judicial Department Junín.
“The forced disappearance of Santiago Maldonado is a clear example of an extreme case of institutional violence, which was given under the policy of concealment of the National State”, stressed the councillor Gladys Prieto, of the Unit Citizen.
He clarified that he had other cases with this type of violence, ranging from the “inquiry background to the trigger-happy, torture-physical and psychological, that suffering populations to discrimination and the violation of their rights. He mentioned the example of the case of Parchment, where there were “seven detainees were killed, by which you are being judged by five police officers and one of them is a fugitive”, he said.

Offices of commission
The offices of the commission that were approved yesterday are:
-Declaring of municipal interest the 8th. Day Multidisciplinary, called “Adapting the practices of scientific knowledge”
– The construction of a competent care starts from self-organized by the Scientific Committee of Nurses and Technical H. I. G. A. Junin.
-Authorizing the D. E. to be sold in a public auction of municipal property in quality of lag.-
– Provision of nafta super to mobile police.
– Asking the D. E. include in the Budget a fund for the realization of the multipurpose room for joint use of the E. E. S. 2, E. E. P. No. 20, and Kindergarten 903 of the town of Morse.
-Asking the D. E. perform the steps necessary to install a fixed telephone line in the E. P. No. 10 of the town of Saforcada.
-A communication addressed to the D. E. requesting you evaluate the educational proposal raised by Mr. Martin Maple.

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