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La Asociación Refugio Canino Azuleño continúa trabajando para proteger a los animales en su chacra.

The Association of Shelter Azuleño continues to work to protect the animals in his garden.

On their farm they have about 150 dogs which are in charge of feeding them and veterinary care. From the association they want to make it clear that they will continue with this work but who need the help of the entire community.

The problem of stray dogs seems to never be resolved. It is a job that takes day-to-day and the different groups of animal protection make it impossible for abandoned dogs and strays can have a better quality of life.

In this framework, the Association Shelter Azuleño is working hard for all the dogs that are in the chakra that he gave some years ago. The population of the same was increasing and in the year 2017 more than doubled in the wake of the large number of dropouts that was. This complicates the work of the volunteers who give time and money so that the dogs are in the best state.

This goal is sometimes not easy to adhere to and on the way there are people who can not continue with this task. But the few that remain reinforce the commitment every day to work for the benefit of animal rights in our city.

Cristina is a member of ARK and is at work, along with his companions, on the farm of Route 51 with the goal of providing you what you need most at the nearly 150 dogs that are there.

In this framework, said that from the time the municipality took dogs to the shelter of the ARK, “people thought that I could go up there and throw it to the dogs”. It is necessary to remember that at the beginning of this year, the municipal Government brought together a large number of street dogs and took them, without asking you, to your shelter.

This situation is already resolved, since less than two months ago the area of Responsible Pet ownership built dog runs in a close location to the Fruit tree orchard. It’s a good one!

However the work for the volunteers of ARK has not diminished, “because we have left many dogs and the truth that makes us ever more difficult”, but this is not “let’s lower the arms.”

There are many people “who think that the ARK is to be dissolved and we want to place on record that we continue to work as in the beginning. There is a group of people who are working with a bonus contribution and are helping the dogs.”

But are the members of this group who are in charge of this property. “The animals are fine, sometimes we don’t have the money nor the logistical capacity to serve all animals with the veterinarian, but the dogs are all well”, explains Cristina.

Then expresses that it’s missing some details on the farm “because of a lack fumigation and at this time is very important because there comes the problem of the flea. We are working together with Zoonotic diseases and Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Tandil to vaccinate against rabies and other diseases.” This action is going to take place on the days that it rained intensely in our city and could not be carried out “but we’re going to fix another date so that they can come to realize vaccination”.

In addition they will work with the truck of castration scatter of the Presidency of the Nation in which “you are going to do castrations in the land”. This is an emergency of the members of ARK because they need to stop the animal reproduction in our city.

Because having increasingly greater amount of dogs in Blue “we need every time more the collaboration of people and economic expenses are increased in an incredible way”. To be able to have the land they need a huge amount of money that has board thanks to donations and the fair american in the all working days.

That’s why “we want to warn all partners and friends who help us is that we continue to work on the farm”. The members of this grouping are concerned because there is another group that says who is in charge of the farm and “the reality is that it does not. But all the help is very good for us.”

For this reason, in the next few days will begin a campaign for volunteers to “we can help in the chakra that is going to bring the food, clean up and other things that we do not give supply. The more we are, the better.”

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