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The Court Twelve Administrative Oral of the Circuit of Cartagena ordered to Antonio Víctor Alcalá Puello, mayor of Turbaco, and Esther Mary Jalilie Garcia, the mayor of Arjona, design, adopt and implement measures and controls that ensure special protection to animals that are used in corralejas, in a period of three months.

The decision, which revives a controversial subject as the realization of corralejas in the department of Bolívar, stated that the municipalities of Turbaco and Arjona violate several rights groups with the development of this activity for the animal has “lost its essence” and today is full of improvisation.

The enjoyment of a healthy environment, the existence of ecological balance, conservation of plant and animal species, protection of areas of special ecological importance, are some collective rights that are violated according to the judgment.

“This is a fault transcendental to the extent that is in accordance with what has been ordered by the Constitutional Court that says that these activities are not a source of pride and that the right to life is fundamental and inviolable. In these activities do not guarantee the life or the physical integrity of people and it’s a decision that applied the collective right to the protection of the right animal, as beings that feel,” said Juan Carlos Cárcamo, animalistic.

The ruling raises the conformation of a committee that will be comprised of members of the humane Society of Cartagena, of which they are members accionantes, a delegate of the Ombudsman’s office – Regional Bolívar, a delegate of the mayor of the municipality of Turbaco, and a delegate of the mayor of Arjona, together they must submit a semi-annual report follow-up or verification of the above by the sentence.

“Arjona meets”

In Arjona, the corralejas were developed in the past month of march. Esther Mary Jalilie Garcia, the mayor of this municipality, noted that appealed against the decision of the judgment, since it says that since his administration took action in 2016 and this year, for the protection of animals.

“We are committed to be more rigorous, the issue of the requirement to comply with the decrees that are issued from the municipal administration. This year, during the festival of the Virgin of Candelaria in the municipality took the necessary measures to preserve the health of the animals and the safety of the attendees,” said the governor.

In Turbaco would not have corralejas

In dialogue with The, the mayor of Turbaco, Antonio Victor Alcala announced that it is studying the possibility of suspending the definitive realization of the corralejas in the municipality.

“We abide by the ruling because it exposes a series of situations that are presented during the corralejas…You should take some more drastic measures aimed at the protection of animals why we are analyzing the situation to make a decision and the more likely it is that you do not make the corralejas this year,” said the mayor.

The patron saint fiestas in the municipality of Turbaco are made on the eve of new year and one of their biggest traditions are the corralejas.

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