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Red Letter | mexico City, Mexico. In September, marks one year of the death of Elena Arlette Salas Chavez, who was found dead last march 3 at a farm in Tultitlan, State of Mexico. On the 10th of August would 33 years of age.

Elizabeth Halls, sister of the victim, said that the authorities have done nothing to clarify the case and give it almost closed.

She also indicated that she continues independently with the research to give to him or those responsible for the murder of his sister.

Also noted that just a month ago, authorities gave him the opportunity to see the records, which in the next dates will review together with the lawyers to pursue the case.

«This can’t stay like that, the guilty have to pay for the death of my sister,» said the young man.

Arlette was a woman brave, protector of animals, she was married to Omar David Castañeda Viloria, 34 years of age, who served as municipal police of Tultitlan.

The past 8 of September of 2015, the couple was found inside his home located in the Woods of the Valley, Coacalco, State of Mexico, when subjects armed men entered and took them.

The 3 of march of this year, authorities found the body of the young man in a farm in an area of the colony Farm, in the municipality of Tultitlán. His sister was the person who recognized the body of his blood and indicated that the corpse was found alongside that of Arlette does not correspond to your brother-in-law, if not to that of another man who does not identify.

He added that his brother-in-law is still alive and scaring her and her family.

Early versions of the authorities indicated that the murder of Elena Arlette Salas Chávez could be due to a revenge between extortionists.

Through a press release, the office of the Prosecutor General of Justice of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) indicated that the couple possibly it would have been pointed out by suspected criminals, as allegedly they were engaged in illicit activities.

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