Articulate jobs to address problems of street dogs – New Journal of Santiago del Estero

Meeting between the undersecretary of Community Development associations and protective of animals

The idea is that you can set a schedule of activities.

The deputy minister of Community Development, Mauro Kalinski, met with members of different associations linked to the protection of animals, in order to generate a co-ordinated work in the city, in relation to the dogs.

“We are gathered, by the express request of the mayor, to be able to establish relationships, beyond what has been carried out with different animal protectors such as St. Francis of Assisi, Huellitas de Santiago and the Association for Bugs, to be able to do a work articulated in the neighborhoods, because it looks and it is remarkable the growth of dogs on the street. As they have accumulated experience, we aim to be able to articulate some kind of task with the Secretariat, the objective is to assemble a schedule of activities and be able to see what is more beneficial for the neighbor santiagueño,” he said.

He also said that, “the issue is to be able to work together to improve the quality of life of these dogs and in turn also improve the quality of life of the neighbor and thus have a harmonious community”.

The protectionist, Gabriela Mulki, of the civil association Bugs pointed out that, “the problem of overpopulation is education, and we are not going to resolve without the resources, we have the will but not the resources; it is good that you can work with the Commune capital, to achieve the objectives that we seek”.

“The overpopulation of stray animals is solved with sterilizations in the long term, extended in time, continuous and compulsory”, he said and added that, “the solution would be to treat the subject with a view to epidemiology, which includes neuter a 10% annual, that is to say about 20,000 sterilizations per year and for the associations it is impossible to reach that number”.

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