Ask candidates proposals for Animal Protection –

Anet Silveyra, president of ‘Huellitas de Amor’, a civil association that is dedicated to the rescue of animals with emphasis on equine, asked the seven candidates for the governorship, publicly announce its proposals on the protection of animals and the environment to Coahuila.

“We have not heard proposals in particular, focused on the protection of animals from the mouths of candidates to the governorship,” he says.

«We began to believe that the animal protection law is a dead letter in Coahuila”, emphasizes Silveyra.

The activist stressed that the protective association of animals that it represents, has filed more than 20 complaints with the Attorney General of Justice of the Government of the State of Coahuila, where they provided supporting evidence, witnesses, and testimony in animal abuse and nothing has happened, despite the fact that the state has a law of animal protection.

“I remember that one was of a horse which was in a very bad situation, they submitted everything that the authority we are requested to act according to the law, the case is very well-documented, however, is still pending and has not passed anything.»

“Despite the wear and tear arising from the complaints and the documentation of each case, advocates in favor of the animals we will continue filing complaints until the authority to do its job and the cases are judicialicen, to condemn the animal abuse as required by state law” stipulates.


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