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It is after the news that a pack turned to attack in the area of José Menéndez, a few kilometres south of the Rio Grande, where they killed several sheep, and disseminated the images of a truck full of lambs killed by the attack of the dogs. Remember that you installed recently a fence of 16 km for this reason, to avoid this problem that seems was not the solution.

The president of the Rural Association of Tierra del Fuego, Lucila Apolinaire, stated that “no dogs are feral, they are dogs of the city who on a daily basis are directed to the fields nearby”. And said that in view of the lack of control current “I think it’s time to sit down seriously and use the window that has the Law, and to be able for a time to unlock this province not eutanásica, to control the dog population”.

The picture of the truck full of sheep dead multiplied on social networks. They were at least seven or eight animals that grazed in an area of the Estancia José Menéndez, a few miles of the Rio Grande, when they were attacked by dogs.

Lucila Apolinaire, President of the Rural Association of Tierra del Fuego said in a Radio Fueguina that “these dogs are not feral, they are dogs of the city”.

“Are the feral that are already of for if installed in the field, and are these other dogs that migrate every day from the town to the fields in the vicinity of the Rio Grande that are the last night that perpetrated this attack and died all this amount of sheep”, he indicated and explained that “animals do it as a game, where unfortunately die sheep”.

The problem is not new, has at least fifteen years without having found a solution, and according to the people in the countryside, the situation is “uncontrolled” (see).

“Tierra del Fuego has excellent conditions for sheep breeding, but this condition does not evolve by this question of attacks on permanent dogs and feral dogs which come out of the cities”, he added Apolinaire.

According to the owner of the Rural Association the problem is not the lack of regulations, which is abundant and specific. “It’s a shame because in the specific case of the Rio Grande we have an ordinance that wonderful consensus between the College of Veterinarians, the council, authorities of Zoonoses, people of the scientific community and unfortunately not met because the ordinance says that there should be no loose dogs on the street, but for these dogs to reach up there is because they are loose”.

“In all the blocks of the city, unfortunately there are dogs and this is serious because, unfortunately, shows that shows a breach of the duties of a public official, is there anyone who is not doing their job,” she said.

In this order he added that “in Ushuaia has been talking for days of the dogs for the attack on a lady, the attack to a child and then another girl who was walking dawn the street and also the bit a pack. When nature gives you signs like these, it is the indication that something is going to happen and if we don’t do anything, I do not like to arrive late when an incident occurs end-to-awareness”.

Apolinaire held that “this year we have worked with the Government Province, is in the office with the regulations of the Law on dog management feral that are the ones that are already in the field. We have a provincial Law, municipal ordinances, the problem is that all these instruments do not serve if cities continue with their canine population in chaos. The dogs don’t come from mars, they come out of the cities.”

And he recalled that “this new Law has a window, that faced with an emergency situation that I believe that we are already in emergency, you can use”.

“I think it’s time to sit down seriously and use this window that has the Law and power by there for a while to unlock this province not eutanásica, being able to order the canine population, and doing a lot of campaigning and work a lot with the guys that are the best to deal with these environmental issues and try to reverse this situation, of course, we all want to get to these standards municipalities do not eutanásicos but the truth is that this is not a Swiss canton, we are in an emergency situation,” he said.

According to the benchmark of the sector “I don’t want to think what will happen the day that you die a person in the Land of Fire because of the dogs, in other parts has already happened.”

He also stated that “many times it happens that the address of Zoonoses do not have a budget but you have to let them know their mayors and councillors who are failing to comply because they don’t have budgets and the municipalities sometimes invest in things are just as important as the public health”.

To address this and other issues this week, “we met in Ushuaia with the Governor Rosana Bertone, the president of SENASA talking about this subject among others”, added.

Finally he said that “what is important is that action be taken in the long term, not served that morning out an operation, to work strong some days and then not be able to hold up over time, what we want is that the people of Zoonoses has the resources to do their job 365 days of the year.”

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