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“Before you say that my Tita had luck,” said Margaret Montoya, the owner of the dog that survived the fire of the land that is used to store fuel and that spilled out into the street, Pedro Pérez, Melchor Ocampo, which occurred on the 5th of October.

“We were warned that all come out of here, run to the hospital because he had been the fire. I didn’t believe it and nothing more I grabbed and I pulled out my child, 13 years old, he had the kitten for luck, and took us to the other side of the road. Said my dog, my dog. No one ignored me, here was, here was burned,” said the woman.

Today morning a brigade of World Patitas, association for the protection of animals, toured the calle Pedro Pérez, in search of pets injured by the fire.

“We come from a crew of volunteers to see if there are any animals harmed, burned, who need medical care to be able to carry and bring you a little food for dog, for cat,” said Norm Garden, World Paws.

He added: “All life is valuable and just as there are many supportive people in times of tragedy, to stand in solidarity with our human brothers, as also with our brothers the animals. We learned last night that there was this contingency, and we organize ourselves, we come to see how we can help.”

The brigade of World Paws ran down the street, Pedro Pérez and talked with villagers, but found no animals injured by the fire, only some that still had grime in the hair, but not injured.

It was in the case of Tita, who is tiznada by the fire. The bitch presents with a lesion, but apparently provoked by other causes. The volunteers of World Patita offered to the owner of the dog to support that she receives medical attention.

Margarita Montoya mentioned that two years ago adopted Tita, who had puppies and then spayed. Since then, the dog lives in your home, located in the First Closed of Pedro Pérez.

Tita had not received any kind of attention-that is, until the brigade of World Paws.

“We’re going to do a tour to give us an idea of how things are. I know there were puppies that died instantly charred and if we don’t find dogs which help, in return we coordinate with the neighbors to be able to give a little food for them,” said Norma Huerta.

He added that “we are always pending of them, the great teachers who teach us many things.”

The fire caused the death of three dogs, Laila, a German shepherd; Cinnamon, sausage, and Flat, pug. The first two in a house and the third party in another house. The three were burned to death by fire, as well as two parakeets and three roosters.


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