Association received more than 15 complaints per month for animal abuse –

Veronica Gallardo/ SIPSE
CANCUN, Q. Roo. The president of the Association of Protectors of Animals, Sara Rincon Gallardo, emphasized that the month you receive 15 calls of allegations of mistreatment of dogs that come through the emergency number 911 and the re-routed, because in the Direction of Protection and Animal Welfare of the municipality of Benito Juarez does not address these demands of rescue by a lack of resources, money and staff.

“The people who calls me and tells me she has dial 911 and to the municipal kennel to denounce the mistreatment of dogs, but did not care for them and the operators to give them my phone, because in his time, I support you, but the population is in despair because he does not know who to turn to, the day I always have a call and a week is five or more, of those who ask me to attend the bailouts, but because of my age I can no longer, in addition I am not authority, it is incumbent upon the municipal government to address these allegations”.

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The associations and individuals who devote themselves to rescuing animals they have been in charge of educating the population, because for years we have given talks in primary, secondary and even in high schools, the forms of abuse to pets, where the population immediately detects when a dog or cat is violated.

The associations and individuals who devote themselves to rescuing animals they have been in charge of educating the population.

The greater number of complaints of ill-treatment are because they have dogs tied up all day in the heat and the rain, living on the roofs, there are many abandoned animals in land and houses that would leave you to take care of the place but did not lead them food and let them starve to death, animals that are brutally beaten by their owners themselves, and pets who escape from the home, they run and are badly wounded.

The population is concerned, there are rescuers of animals but feel powerless because the authority does not act or to rescue, or even to apply the law because they also reported but no follow-up of the delivery of justice, “While the Directorate for Protection and Animal Welfare of the municipality of Benito Juárez does not have the support in financial and human resources will not be able to lower the overpopulation and mistreatment of dogs in Cancun.”

Protection and Animal Welfare

The director of safety and Animal Welfare of the municipality of Benito Juarez, Gabriel López Ceballos, pointed out that yes, it works in the rescue of animals who are mistreated, asked people to be patient because the rescue is given in conjunction with Public Safety and Fire.

The director stressed that it does not have the record for the number of rescues that have been done, only commented: “I don’t have the number but have been quite a few that have been rescued and have been given in adoption, the majority of these complaints is for the dogs tied up, live in unsanitary conditions, the areas with the highest demand is in the regions 200”.

The authority acts on the basis of the Animal Welfare Regulations of the Municipality where they are made to be makes a visit, and forced the owner to sign a letter of commitment which commits them to give care to animals at the second visit but will not be attending, and continues with the abuse, he removed the dog and it becomes a creditor of a sanction”.

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