Assist PGJE cases of animal abuse, stop executions side – The Express

PGJE received two complaints in the case of the alleged animal abuse of a dog in the town of Wells.

A brought in writing to the Association for the protection of Legal Animals (Prolean) and the other verbally the Coalition of Independent Activists and Civil Partnerships Pro Animal.

Were received on the afternoon of Wednesday 22 march, so that it opens folder of research relevant for this case.

According to the state Attorney’s office made the inquiries pertaining to these allegations.

While you are still climbing the performances in San Luis Potosi, so only three in the last few hours: One in the streets Genovevo Rivas Guillen, close to the Regional Technology and two more in the municipality of Matehual, the PGJE boasts open two folders of investigation cases of animal abuse.

Unlikely that while two lifeless bodies stick with signs of torture in the Highlands and another case of the execution or if you want to be treated with clarity in the capital; the authority responsible for investigating crimes, divert the attention and assume it is going to clarify a topic of animal abuse.

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