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 The Mexican Association of Habitats for the Interaction and Protection of Marine Mammals (AMHMAR) insisted that you can’t pass a reform like the one that was intended to get in the Senate if it is not submitted that initiative to forums that ensure their correct analysis.

The president of the AMHMAR, Rodrigo Constandse Córdova, warned that passage of the initiative that aims to reform the fourth paragraph of Article 60 bis of the General Law of Wildlife, you would be giving an “albazo” that would affect a sector that already counts with 30 years of work.

He insisted that the agencies and companies associated with the AMHMAR have contributed for decades to the knowledge of the marine species, such as dolphins and sea lions, in addition to contribute to sustainable development both for the country.

The effort to pass this initiative, he said, shows that they spend efforts and money on destroying a productive sector, rather than focusing on the conservation of the only marine mammal endemic to Mexico: the vaquita marina.

He indicated that the real activism does not should be an attitude of “animal rights” to prohibit an activity that has promoted the care and protection of marine species, but in the care of animals by overfishing, climate change or pollution.

He accused that in place of open forums to discuss the viability of this legislation, the use of the film “The Cove”, which has been circulated among lawmakers about the case of the killing of dolphins in Japan and that is a fishing activity that dates from 1675.

Constandse Córdova insisted that, if passed this initiative, it puts in danger the work of at least 15 thousand people and investments accumulated for five thousand 700 million pesos, as well as a shed annual of two thousand 200 million pesos, and environmental education and generation of taxes.

The initiative, he explained, has created division among legislators, non-governmental bodies, entrepreneurs, media, and international organizations, estigmatizándoles a sector that operates to the highest standards.

Therefore, he stated that it may be possible in two hours to support an initiative that at least requires a reasonable amount of time to be conceived, analyzed and discussed by all the sectors involved, in order to ensure a viable solution for all.

Of the approval of this initiative, stated that they do not have an option to follow; so they expressed fear that something will happen similar to what happened with the circus animals, of which you do not know what happened with close to 80 percent.

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