Association rescues wild animals – El Heraldo (press Release)

Continuously have been found by the protective association Naashkaan, wild animals that commonly are poorly seen in the city, such as possums (opossums), hawks, skunks, or herons, which are procured and delivered to the appropriate authorities for returning to its nature, such is the case of a possum located recently which was malnourished and dehydrated, and was rescued.

Omar Ali Fierro, president of the association, said that recently it was located in the area of the drain Laguna Seca, on the part of the companions Victor Alvídrez and Laura Soto, a possum that was in unfavourable conditions, so that it gave the task to the members of Naashkaan of reinhabiting her, and it was wound, with symptoms of malnutrition and dehydration, then helped him home and after it was handed over to personnel of the PROFEPA (Procuraduría Federal de protección al Ambiente) for them to do the completion of rehabilitation in its entirety and then return to their natural environment.

Ali Fierro, urged people not to attack these animals and many times are confused with others that represent hazards or problems such as rats, but possums are very different and are purely nocturnal, so they do not present a problem for anyone, apart that they are slippery and only in certain places around away from human presence.

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