Assures city council that has the authority to “collect” animals –

Assures city council that has the authority to “collect” animals - 1

Assures city council that has the authority to “collect” animals

*No say in where are the dogs who have disappeared in favor of his “as” in front of the denunciation of neighbors and animal.

Xalapa, Ver., February 16, 2017.- Against the accusation of raids of dog by the animal independent, Fernando Luna, and neighbors of the place, the head of the Department of Control and Animal Health, Joseph Isaac Meza Aguilar, acknowledged that last February 14, an operation was carried out in the Ecological Park Macuiltépetl “to remove a pack of dogs that was threatening the native fauna”.

In a newsletter-and without defining which is the “native fauna”- gave a response to the allegation of round-ups of dogs that the neighbors fed them and served as guardians to the insecurity, the city council argued that the operation began at 17:30 hours last Wednesday, hours in which the Park closes doors to visitors.

According to the statement, the raid belongs to a series of actions contemplated in the program “We are accountable, we act for animals,” whose aim, they say, is the control of the fauna that inhabits the parks and protected natural areas of the municipality and is carried out with dependencies city Council, the Environment Secretariat, the Foundation of UV, and the Civil Association Project Harp.

The public servant justified the action of disappearing the dogs that were on the hill because the security staff of the Ecological Park Macuiltépetl pointed out that on repeated occasions had been reported attacks on the part of these canines”, who proceeded to perform a series of inspections.

To the indignation of the neighbors of the area, who indicated that these animals are not aggressive and have never attacked anyone, so that the inhabitants themselves will provide water and food, “I I would not call them feral dogs, are dog owners irresponsible”, the city responded to the contrary.

“It should be noted that the Animal Health Centre City has the authority to pick up animals that have been reported as the aggressors, as well as the rescue of animals abandoned, sick, run down or in danger, to be delivered to an association for the protection of animals or, in your case, rehabilitate them and give them in adoption.”

There was also no response to the requirement of information to the government of Américo Zúñiga Martínez, on what they did with these animals, according to the report of the project animalistic Harp were about six dogs, and only referenciaron some cases without giving the location of the dogs “raised”.

To the complaint of the board of trustees, the neighbors rejected that the dogs have attacked no one and complained that her complaint jeopardizes the animals-

According to the employee of Americo Zuñiga, they opted to try to the assurance of a bitch that was in heat, to sterilize and be a part of the program called PIREC (Program of Integration, Rehabilitation and Recreation Canine), with the aim of making it a candidate to be put up for adoption. Also, it was sought to recover a puppy, in order to provide the care and medical care relevant.

Justify taking advantage of the time we sought the possibility of capture to the other dogs of the herd, to which, in compliance with the municipal regulations are vaccinated against rabies, sterilized, and, in his case, be given up for adoption or returned to their place of origin.

According to the city council, the staff of CSA were aware of the operating personnel of the units of the Civilian Force and the State Police, who are responsible for the safety of the ecological park.

“In addition, they supported this action, members of the Civil Association Project Harp”; Isaac, Nick Mendez, a biologist at the Institute of Forestry Research of the Universidad Veracruzana, the area’s Wildlife, and Pedro Paredes-Ramos, Professor of the Universidad Veracruzana and a Phd in Neuroethology”.

Assures city council that has the authority to “collect” animals - 2

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