At least a cipoleño per day is attacked by a dog –

The number of reports of dog attacks that walk the streets continues to grow. In the Department of Zoonoses already reported 49 cases so far this year, and if the statistics take into account the so-called newspapers they receive in the area, that amount can triple.

“One or two people are bitten daily by a dog in Cipolletti and the people are scared”, said yesterday the veterinarian in charge of Zoonotic diseases, Eduardo Fernandez. That is what is estimated in function of the cases that are reported and all claims that serve.

The fear is not unfounded because some areas of the city are niches of dogs that roam loose and, in extreme situations, it leads people to make decisions very drastic, as is the case of a mother who can’t visit to your daughter for fear of being attacked by dogs street that crosses along 15 blocks, from the neighborhood Filipuzzi up Ring.

“Loose dogs are a real problem, but the only solution is responsible ownership. What is more important is that people be aware,” said the vet. For this reason, he called the cipoleños to register their dogs if they are of a breed that is potentially dangerous; castren and do not let them loose.

“The Municipality cannot go out to pick up dogs from the street because we don’t have the resources; the society is not prepared for the rifle (tranquilizer darts), or the protectors of animals they want to remove them. On the other hand, we have a shelter that is collapsed,” he said.

According to the numbers that handle Zoonotic diseases, the greatest number of complaints is by loose dogs, with 30.6% (15 cases), followed by attacks perrunos that injured one or more persons, with 24.5% (12 cases). We are still complaints about barking dogs, which have to be removed from a housing and animal abuse.

Fernandez commented that they are preparing an aggressive campaign of information for people to know that is already in place, the ordinance 293 sanctioned last year. In addition, he said that he will propose to city council members to introduce an amendment to the keeper of a dog also is considered the owner.

It happens that to a complaint, the tenure often ends up diluting because the assumptions responsible argue that they eat or have other care, but are not its owners. In addition, Zoonoses looking to assemble a crew of inspectors, as we currently only have one.

“One or two people are bitten daily by a dog in Cipolletti and the people are scared. It is a real problem and the only solution is responsible ownership”. Eduardo Fernández, Owner of the municipal Department of Zoonoses

More numbers

The ordinance is in effect and already pulled the ear of several neighbors

Punished. From the area of Zoonoses reported that four neighbors are already sanctioned because their dogs bite a person, while two others went through the same thing for causing discomfort.

Notices. It worked 20 minutes of checking where it is required by the holder of the dog that close to your premises and are relevant to other provisions on the responsible care of the animal as a step prior to the sanction.

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