She would catch stray dogs to feed their doges (Video) – The Uncompromising

BUENOS AIRES (Wording) – Between aberrant and painful, the images show the moment at which two doges, huge attack dog for devorárselo. It happened in Santiago del Estero, and as reported groupings protective of animals, these images show a fact that had become usual for the neighborhood Huaico Hondo: the owner of the beasts , trapping dogs in the street and handed them over for that first kill to chew and eat after.

According to a feature of the complainants, the modus operandi was always the same: the owner released their dog in the street, as if it were a game preserve particular, and when the animals would catch a stray dog, got into your home, between the streets Antenor Alvarez and Eighth Passage, to end the slaughter and fed.

«He trained his dogs to kill and he was pleased to see this situation. After that attack a street, enters his home and there, they end up so brutal with his life», reported on Facebook the grouping for the protection of animals that put an end to the killings.

The first images were contributed by a neighbor who is tired of the killings are unjustified, and then acted the defenders of animals. Horacio Duck, a member of one of these associations, confirmed after you made the complaint in the office of the prosecutor for animal abuse. The case is in charge of the Dr. Luciana Jimenez.

Now the justice must determine, among other things, the penalties that can fit the owner, and the future that will have the doges. It is likely, as animals trained to kill, that the next step is to cull them.

She would catch stray dogs to feed their doges (Video) - The Uncompromising 1

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