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A woman who lives in the neighborhood Liberty reported yesterday that she was attacked by several dogs in the street and bitten by one of them, in the vicinity of Uruguay and avenida Ferré.
The neighbor showed the wounds in his leg and said that they were between 10 and 15 animals who attacked her over the weekend. “We all know that we should not pass by this sidewalk because dogs are very bad,” said Bethlehem, the respect. In addition, the woman wound he ensured that the dogs belong to Isabel Cocomarola, president of Mapac, an animal protection organization.
Asked about this situation, Cocomarola acknowledged that the dogs live in his house and escaped through an oversight. “Many of the rescued dogs are housed temporarily in my home and, after a time regain strength.” In addition, the protectionist explained: “The lady that works in my house went out and forgot to put the locks that we always use and that’s why the animals left,” he told last night at The Waterfront. In this same sense, he denied allegations that the dogs live on the sidewalk and insisted that it was an accident. “I don’t want harm nor hurt to anyone, it was a situation that I regret,” said Cocomarola.
In the meantime, the woman attacked by dogs reported that this situation is repeated regularly. “Take accounted for about 6 more cases”, he said, and listed several other occasions in which the dogs bite the neighbors. For his part, the president of Mapac said: “it is Not true that dogs have bitten many times,” he defended himself.
The person injured made complaint of the fact at the police station, hoping that they can cite to declare the owner of the home where animals.
“Is my neighbor and I know her from childhood but she decided to go via the police and that’s why I went over to talk, and she never did,” commented Cocomarola.
Also, Bethlehem said in a statement for radio that I did not know if they were vaccinated, which from Mapac made it clear that the animals are in good health and are being cared for to recover completely from the abuse of its previous owners.

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