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Saltillo, Coahuila.- Despite the fact that the director of the seguro Popular (Popular Insurance ensures that you gave the statement from the Saturday night to help serve the less Leonel Guadalupe, attacked by a pitbull, responding to the strategy of federal Health care dictates that any child of 5 years should receive quality medical care and free, parents and staff of the institution were unaware of such an indication.

During the three days of placement of the minor, no one approached the family to inform them that the child would be cared for through the Insurance Popular and much less of the University Hospital, so when it took a TAC, the staff requested 9 thousand pesos to the family for conducting the study.

It was at that moment that the family came to the Seguro Popular to apply the policy of care, but the managers of the modules said that it would not be covered because they jumped the protocol.

Faced with this concern, parents began to request assistance from other agencies because of the pressure of the billing department, which constantly came to ask who would take care of the expenses.

However, yesterday, in an interview with the Zócalo Saltillo, the director Diana Karen Shell Leija said that Insurance will be Popular which to pay the expenses of the child, and noted that they looked for the parents to come to formalize the paperwork.

“We have knowledge from the day of the incident, we spoke with the coordinator of the Medical Insurance Siglo XXI to which the patient may enter the operating room, because at the time of entry were identified that had no insurance; the coordinator guided them to take out their policies, and we authorize the intervention of the patient, but they did not.

“From that moment on, the coordinator has been trying to raise awareness to the family that has to come to the administrative procedures for a response from us, it is the only thing that we have been waiting for since the dads have disregarded our calls, still today (yesterday) in the morning we ask that you come because it is a personal transaction,” she said.

New account, the director gave information is not true, as they questioned the parents and reported that on Tuesday afternoon, came to the unit to obtain the policy, despite having your insurance updated.

For his part, Leonel Guadalupe, 5 years old, was discharged yesterday morning. The final bill, said the parents, was 17 thousand pesos and the Seguro Popular has absorbed the cost.


On the other hand, the pitbull that attacked Leonel Guadalupe has not been claimed by its owner, so that could be sacrificed at the end of your observation, reported Tomás Gutiérrez, director of the Center anti-rabies.

He explained that since last Monday Dog Control put your shelter to the animal to be observed for 10 days and to rule out diseases such as rabies.

“Is healthy, it will be 10 days as they mark the standard of the ministry of Health, because when the rabies virus is encapsulated when it has the power of transmitting it,” he explained.

He said that if at the end of the observation the owner is not present, the animal may be delivered to an association for the protection of animals, but are the competent authorities who decide the future of the dog.

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