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Authorities recognize complex scene in case of elderly woman who ... - BioBioChile 1National

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As a profound social drama that is unlikely to be a solution was ranked as the situation of Estelvina Yañez, senior High Shear in Purranque, who lives between the precariousness and imminent health risk.

Your case has been analyzed for almost 8 years, time in which the woman was left completely abandoned after the death of his brother.

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However, this is not an absolute solitude. The woman, despite her extreme poverty, she lives with close to 50 dogs that has been gradually taking.

The problem is that, because of its low mobility -since suffering paralysis in various parts of your body-, subsists between the waste of these and even among the remains of dead dogs, according to neighbors, no one knows where they are going to stop.

Groups such as the League for the protection of Animals, have generated a social movement aimed at supporting women, understanding their poverty and the need to provide sustenance for at least the pet food, such as expressed by Osvaldo Cea, the chairman of this organization.

Hector Barria, mayor of Purranque, pointed out that it is a complex scenario that is not resolved with provide food for the dogs, and finally generates a vicious circle where the unscrupulous are taking advantage of your condition, abandoning dogs at the door of his house.

As expressed Barria, from a while ago has been done to track this case and provide social support to the woman who recognized, during the last time, it has had a greater openness, delivering some dogs for adoption.

However, in the opinion of the councillor, the contributions in delivery of food for dogs only supports the abuse of the older adult. In addition to that cursarle fines or some other type of action against her will only in prejudice of their precarious situation.

Add to this that the new “Law Cholito” -said the mayor – does not allow the creation of dog runs where to allocate the dogs and of course, remove your pets also involves damage to her.

The mayor explained that the main problem is that the municipality is not able to take care of the pets or less enable a kennels due to lack of funds. Add to this that there is a greater interest to adopt dogs and it is evident that the elderly woman can live in their current conditions.

Osvaldo Cea regretted that many times the concern and solidarity only in good intentions through social networks.

While there have been contributions in the reconstruction of your home and aid in food, clothing and shelter, it is a cycle of never-ending.

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