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The group of activists Cubans in Defense of Animals (CeDA), with headquarters in Havana, reported this Monday the case of a dog and her five pups exposed to a dangerous environment.

The litter, which prowls the distribution Kholy in the municipality Beach, is infested with scabies and other parasites, which has caused complaints from the neighbours to the team of Zoonoses, Department of Epidemiology Provincial Center of Hygiene, as reported by the medical doctor, and activist Valia Rodríguez via Facebook.

The post of the doctor, prompting the rescue and/or adoption of the puppies, he also explains the state of neglect and indolence that are faced daily by the stray animals in Cuba, without a single law to ensure their well-being and physical integrity.

Before these cases, the government only has one answer: Zoonoses, an entity in charge of picking up stray animals in order to sacrifice them if 72 hours are not claimed by any person.

“This is an institution of sanitation. Start sacrificing to the sick animals. Those who are mejorcitos put it in a cage, to see if someone wants to. After a week, not to be adopted, they are euthanized,” explained the medium independent Hablemos Press an employee of Zoonoses.

The state journal Youth Rebel has also reflected these concerns in the wake of a video, released early last year, that showed how workers of Zoonoses grabbed a dog by the head and hurled violently into the pick-up truck.

At that time, dr. Valia Rodriguez wrote the referral means denouncing the act and received the following response from the doctor Reinol Dolphin García Moreira, provincial director of Health in Havana: “There is evidence that when there is any contradiction to keep them, then the solution is to get rid of them. Most of the times, they are thrown on to the street. And that conduct is harmful, because it implies spread of zoonotic diseases, which are transmitted from animals to people,” said the executive, who ensures the workers of Zoonoses receive training for the “good practices” in the collection of stray animals.

The program of control and prevention of rabies and leptospirosis is developed by specialists that do not occur deaths due to that cause. But this does not justify the poor handling of the animal or its abuse, elements of which are reiterated in the work meetings with the staff, he said.

“The solution to this problem not is a matter for Public Health; must be a multi-disciplinary work and cross-sectoral, involving agencies with a direct relationship with the animals, as the Veterinary Medicine Institute and the companies themselves animal protectors, among others”, he emphasized.

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