Baby of days lost his life by being attacked by their pet – families

Just 5 minutes without supervision were enough for this baby to die in a way heartbreaking; precautions that you must not forget.

  • So only for 5 minutes

    A baby just three weeks ago was bitten by the family dog.

    According to what reported by ABC News, the report explains that while the person in charge of taking care of the baby, was left alone for 5 minutes next to three dogs pitbulls, upon returning, found that the baby was bleeding from a severe wound of the head, at the same time that it noted that one of the dogs had its mouth full of blood.

    Immediately, Susannah Jean Murray, was transported to Children’s Hospital Helen DeVosdonde where it was surgery for 7 hours, unfortunately, the child did not survive.

  • The truth about the Pitt bull

    Currently they are considered as dangerous animals, and of course situations like these confirm that theory.

    However, we can rescue the words of Terry Dixon, a sergeant in charge of the case: «I would say that this serves as a reminder definitive to not leave kids alone with dogs in the house.»

    According to the Association for the protection of Animals of the united States, «pit bulls are the breed of dog more misunderstood. Approximately 70% of the dogs are abandoned or euthanized in animal shelters are pit bulls», contrary to the idea that is had of them in the year 1900, when they were considered «dog nannies» for your consideration with the children.

    It should be noted that the experts explain that «Pitbull» is not a breed but is used to identify several breeds such as Pitbull Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, etc

    The defenders of these animals insist that in truth, all dogs bite if they feel attacked, and especially a Pitbull can be the most calm and agreeable animal, provided the owner of the train to respond as well.

  • 5 minutes, more than enough time in the life of a baby

    As parents we know what 5 minutes without a monitoring means for an infant. You can be in the bathroom and put his hand on the toilet; getting on to the bed and falling; out the door you accidentally left open; and the list is endless and surprising.

    Of that list come the thousands of tips for the prevention of accidents in the home, as it is more than proven that during the first 5 years of age, the majority of the accidents in the infant, occur in the home.

  • The most common accidents are:

    Falls: whether in bed, on stairs, trips, and more dangerous by the windows.

    Burns: by touching the kitchen, hot water, iron, or matches.

    Electricity: the blessed plugs with holes that tempt all of the babies, or the pull of a cable.

    Cuts: children are always researching and are found with some glass element or sharp, especially in the kitchen of mama

    Poisoning: by test a cleaning product!

  • Always under supervision, there is no other solution

    As you will see in an infant cover all areas of danger, because of the way he learns is touching, tasting; the whole interest and attention. That’s why we know that we can not leave them without supervision NEVER, not even 5 minutes.

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