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August 15, 2017

Leticia Ramirez
Founder of the Backstreet Dogs
Rose Abdala Murue
Transporter Manager of the Backstreet Dogs Export
Laura Bye
Founder of Save Our Scruff
TW: @BackstreetDogsMexico
FB: Backsteet dogs Mexico
Instagram: backstreetdogsmexico
Office: 52 (222) 574-7475
Cell phone: 52 (222) 323-45-43


• Close to 15 million dogs live in the streets of Mexico, almost 70% of the dog population.
• Mexico is the second country worldwide with animal abuse.
• Laws to prevent and punish ill-treatment and abuse animals are weak
• Lack of regulations about the buying and selling of dogs.
• There is a high preference for buying and not adopting a dog from the street.
• There is No culture of spay canine in our country.

Backstreet dogs: stray dogs happy | Martha Debayle - Martha Debayle 1

Backstreet dogs: stray dogs happy | Martha Debayle - Martha Debayle 2

All about the health of their pets. Listen

What is the Backstreet Dogs?
• Is an NGO that rescues dogs in extreme situation of neglect, maltreatment and abuse.
• Give them the opportunity of a new life.
• Rehabilitate to 100% by giving them the love and care you have never had.
• To be rescued living free in the shelter in their everyday activities (only enter their cages at the time of sleep).
• Teach them to trust humans again and subsequently we are looking for responsible households where they will live a life worth living with love and respect.

How is the process of rescue?
• Rescues a dog
• Is carried to the Veterinarian
• Takes to the shelter
• Vaccine and spay
• Evaluates his or her behavior
• Trains
• Ready to be adopted

How do you send dogs to Canada?
• Through their social networks for help to people travelling to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Victoria from the CDMX or Cancun to be the “flight parents” of the dogs.
• 90% of the flights out of Cancun so we need flights of the CDMX as the cost is very high.
• In these cities, working with different associations that receive the dogs, and they are in charge of finding them a temporary home and throughout the adoption process until they find the ideal home for the dog.
• Once you have a “flight parent” willing to take a dog making the booking and all the necessary documentation for the dog to be able to travel.
• Organized the logistics for the shipping of the dog. If the dog travels Cd. Mexico takes personally the dog.
• If you are travelling through Cancun the dog takes Volaris Charge where a voluntary BSD picks you up and takes you to the hotel or if you give time to the terminal from where will the flight take him to Canada.

For all those who have no idea of where or how to sterilize their pets, give them peace

Its 3 fields of action
• ADOPTION: Looking for the ideal home for the dogs where they will be loved and respected.
• AWARENESS: Try to grow awareness among the society about the responsibility of having a pet.
• STERILIZATION. Make a campaign monthly sterilization for pets 100% free in the poorest communities.

How can we help?
• The Association is maintained from its own resources.
• Sometimes raffles.
• Have thought about making a run next year to raise funds.
• You can be aware of their networks to know at what time and in what way you can help rescue a puppy.

The netherlands is the first country with NO stray dogs and so she did
Using the program to Collect, Sterilize, Vaccinate, Identify, and Return, REVIR (CNVR), the Netherlands managed to become the first country free of stray dogs.
• The first step that took the Dutch government was to conduct seminars massive spay and neuter mandatory. The costs were absorbed by the government. A work that managed to sterilize 70% of the females.
• The second was to create laws against the abandonment of animal, which have a sentence of up to three years in prison and fines of more than 16 thousand euros.
• The third was to implement higher taxes for the purchase of dogs with pedigree –breeding animals.
• The fourth was to carry out awareness campaigns for the citizens to take care of the animals stranded, This allowed the 1.5 million street dogs succeed in having a home, is to say that 90% of the population adopted a dog.
• Education on the care, upbringing and education animal, it was vital for the Dutch to understand the importance of having a pet in the home.
• The reduction of stray dogs was achieved without killing any animal.

August 15, 2017

Backstreet dogs: stray dogs happy | Martha Debayle - Martha Debayle 3

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