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Bhigh, a belgian shepherd malinois, and his guide Fausto Martinez Chavez, a rescuer, and a member of the emergency room of the Directorate of Civil Protection of the City of Oaxaca participate in the brigades of rescue of people trapped in buildings collapsed in the City of Mexico.

The team of Balto and Fausto joined the other 13 teams of rescate, fundamental in the first 72 hours, as the acuity of your sense of smell can cover in 10 or 15 minute a area that left 10 people it would take to do it in three or four hours.

From puppy this exemplary canine was trained at institutions such as the National School of Dogs for Search and Rescue of the Mexican Red Cross and the UNAM; in addition, he is a member of the International Organization of Dogs (IRO for its acronym in English), maximum global network responsible in issues related to urban search and rescue to locate people buried under the debris.

The pair were trained in the Republic of Panama and received the Diploma course for Training of Trainers of Canine Professionals, the Association’s Tactic of Latin American Operators.

Fausto Martinez Chavez has more than 18 years working in the field of Civil Protection and the Mexican Red Cross, it is technically in the emergency department, in the extraction vehicle and vertical rescue.

To certify to Balto had to comply with the characteristics like obedience, you can work remotely without a need to yell at him, only with signs, but, above all, that knows how to identify the aroma that we are asking, in addition to that you can distinguish between the scents of food and clothing that were used –called hot spots – and even of dead people,” she said.

We’re not going to Mexico City for the recognition, we will for the simple fact of help, as that was one of the goals we set out when we started training seven years ago,” he concluded.


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