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Caracas, July 2017. As well as the warriors of the mayan culture, they fought without ceasing, so the puppy Mayato spent many days trapped in a culvert in the industry, the Mayans trying to get out. The mestizo left to its fate and was rescued by a group of volunteers from the Network Support Canine (RAC). The dog emaciated was picked up with scabies, weakness, dehydration, anemia, and a lot of fear. Thanks to the care of the protectionist, this small giant heart was recovered and is in a shelter waiting for a family adoption.
Mayato is one of the 270 pets that are under the umbrella of the RAC. Mariant Lameda, its spokeswoman, said that in 2017 have been adopted only two animals and that is why they are devising strategies that enable them to give quality of life to the dogs, while they have a home that can provide them with permanent protection.
In the framework of the World Day of the Stray Dog, that is celebrated the 27 of July of each year, Bayer and the Support Network Canine re-joining efforts to raise awareness among the population about the importance of not abandoning the dogs, leaving them on the streets, exposed to multiple risk situations. This year, the campaign will reinforce social networks with the tag #NoLoAbandones.
“The cost of food for canines and veterinary care, the migration of thousands of venezuelans to the outside, and the abandonment of the animal community, parking or buildings that were previously maintained by neighbors, has made the figures of dogs, condition of street is now approximately a million copies, according to the NGO AnimaNaturalis”, indicates Lameda.

In this sense, Ricardo Reyes, responsible of the unit of Animal Health of Bayer Venezuela, stressed that an abandoned dog is an animal that will not have easy access to water or food, and such a situation will affect her health; the couple can get sick and transmit diseases to other canines, be abused, run over, fight to be played, have multiple births, which increases the problem of pets on the street. In short, “abandoning a dog is an act cruel,” he said.

Godfather of furry
Aware of this reality that has deepened in Venezuela, Bayer took the initiative to partner with the RAC to promote at this date a program of sponsorship for the furry who are in the custody of the Network, seek to convert people into protectors of dogs as Mayato, and donate money to ensure their maintenance and lodging in the remainder of the year.
“We have seen dogs that seem to come out of a concentration camp, because they could not find what to eat. The animals are fed with products thrown in the cities, but in these moments is not seeing an excess of leftover food. We also have problems to keep them and we need the hand of all those who can contribute,” said Lameda.
Remember that the organisation that leads Lameda, the RAC, it is not a shelter but a civil association non-profit organization dedicated to strengthen the protection of animals through the creation of support groups. Your time organize seminars sterilization bulk and at a low cost for dogs and cats in a state of neglect, conduct workshops for technical training for those veterinarians who wish to perform social work and to disseminate a culture of respect and love for the domestic fauna through educational campaigns and adoption.

Lameda invited persons wishing to participate as volunteers for the RAC, sponsors or adopters of a dog rescued, to enter the web platform of the RAC or seek out the social networks of the NGO: Support Network Canine on Facebook; @apoyocanino on Twitter, and @reddeapoyocanino in Instagram, virtual spaces where you can find all the necessary information to sponsor or adopt a new member to our furry family.

Also, the invitation to follow the networks of Bayer, where we will be showcasing the stories and images of the photographer of pets Erika Perez Roa, of some of these heroes furry that the RAC has managed to rescue and are in need of sponsors. In Facebook, you will be able to follow them in Bayer Andean, and on Twitter and Instagram @bayerinnovacion.

With this campaign, Animal Health, Bayer seek to promote a better quality of life for pets desasistidas.
“Cheer up, sponsor, or adopt, as they can become the best of friends, are grateful and very faithful, so that we are sure will be a great experience and you will not regret it”, said Ricardo Reyes.
To the couple, by means of this label, organisations such as the RAC will encourage tips about adoption, feeding, sterilization and identification of animals in a vulnerable state.

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