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Under the chairmanship of councillor Juan Manuel kingma and the support of their peers Evaristo Ruiz and Martín Medvedovsky, took forward a new meeting of the Committee on Transport, Industry, Commerce and Technical Issues in facilities HCDRG.

On this occasion it was present the Engineer Segovia, spain, in representation of the area of Public Works of the Commune, who was invited to give report on the draft ordinance from the year 2011, which talks about the proposal to change the current building code, and ordinance N° 6601 according to what is established in articles 4°,5°,6° and 7°. In this way, and with relation to art. 130, from the Commission pointed out the importance of putting into effect the building code approved, repealing the ordinances that are performed in a timely manner, so that it is in effect the original text.

At the time of the analysis of the draft ordinance raised by councilman Eloy Echazú, accepted the veto and alternative text, with regard to the amendment of article 192°, and incorporation of article 192° bis of the ordinance no. 2039 of the municipal code of Faults. Following with records initiated by the mayor will be sent to the Directorate of Legal Advice with the purpose of verifying the standards which are as the basis of the proposed ordinance is requesting to declare the historical heritage of the city of Río Gallegos to the building of the former tiro federal homeland property that is located in the calle Ramón y Cajal. Also notes are sent home to areas of culture to provide information about it.

On the other hand and with regard to the draft ordinance of accession to the national law 26.588 and modification of the law 27196 celiac act and a guide of good practices in the production of food free of gluten, notes are sent home to the celiac Association and the Chamber of Deputies of the province to report on the law of accession to the provincial to the national law.

Dispatch favorably by a majority came out the draft ordinance is initiated by the councillor in charge of Dr. Evaristo Ruiz, who asked to declare the emergency because of canine overpopulation in the area of the city of Rio Gallegos, for the term of one year and may be reappointed.

It was decided to send to the Commission of Road Safety to raise report with regard to the draft ordinance authoring the council member Juan Manuel Kingma, which establishes the obligatory nature of attendance at a course of training in maneuvers of CPR (cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) for the processing of driver’s licence and the health book. Among their reasons the councillor argues that in daily life there are situations which, depending on the acts that are carried out could be to differentiate between life and death; this happens with people who at one time in their life suffer a cardiac arrest, which in many occasions the people who are around you do not have the knowledge about what should be done about it; by this there is the importance of people to learn how to do a cardiopulmonary resuscitation basic so that in this way know what to do in a situation so vital, this endorses the importance of more people outside of the health system to acquire the basic knowledge of what to do before a nearly as well.

Notes are sent home to the Secretary of Environment of the province, Direction of Trade and Agency, municipal environmental to report with regard to the draft ordinance raised by the councillor Kingma, modifying articles 1°,2°,3° and 5° of the ordinance N° 6907 (use biodegradable bags).

Slope was the draft ordinance raised by the councillor Fabian Leguizamón for the purpose of creating a fund compensator for the urban transport of passengers.

Was sent a file by a majority the draft ordinance raised by the councillor mandate met Jorge Gareca, who requested that the DEM is appropriate to benefit from access free of charge to persons with disabilities to attend public performances of any kind, and bonus of 50% for the companion. In the meantime send a note to the Municipal Court of Misdemeanours to ratify the criterion expressed in a timely manner with regard to the draft ordinance calling for the creation of the Municipal Court of Misdemeanors of Motor vehicle traffic, under the file no. 16278-G-2012.

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