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Boxer, pitbull, German shepherd and french poodle are breeds of dogs that are abandoned in the streets, due to the fact that the crisis has affected several families who no longer have the financial support to be able to continue keeping animals.

And is that on a daily basis are recorded up to five cases of neglect, said Sonia Ricalde, president of the civil association for the protection of animals, The Great Tree, which has been on the rise, as last year only got one, but bi-weekly.

“We have had an increase large enough in the topic of dogs, but of the house that have been abandoned and it is a new form of abandonment because it does not leave you in the streets, but some people move house, there to leave them locked up, people are reporting a lot of this, or rather while on holiday leave your dog for five or up to ten days without food and water,” said Sonia Ricalde.

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In the same way, explained that these dogs, most of which are abandoned, because they begin to have problems with food, as eating croquettes inappropriate for their race problems of skin and fur, “many people begin to buy food that cost a lot cheaper and this type of kibble for animals such as pit bull, boxer and German shepherd will not work because they need to be rich in animal proteins, therefore they begin to have problems of falling hair or are more prone to fungal, this is why people no longer see them well and leave them to their fate,” said the president of The Great Tree.

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