Branch and birds – Diary of Whose

Sarmiento he loved and enjoyed nature, feelings that he expresses constantly in his countless articles, especially in the descriptions of their trips… «I contemplate a time the placid spectacle of nature that surrounds me, sitting in the shade of a palm tree..»

He had a special predilection for animals whose company he had enjoyed from childhood in his paternal home.

This preference led him to be one of the pioneers in the movement protectionist argentine in favour of the animals, so much so that within a few months of take over as president Sarmiento, inspired by his love of animals, organized a mass march in defense of the same, which consisted of a loose bird. First of its kind in the country and a historical fact to remember, today is the day that celebrates the international Day of the birds..

«…From very early on got used to my feelings and habits to look at the other animals as consocios our in the life and demonstrations only incomplete of the common plan of the creation.»

He had a particular favoritism for the birds and in his own house, where he lived with his family, was living with a great quantity of birds, among which featured a parrot called Laparaba, that had given him his friend Jose’s Posse and a chuña, bird treadmill walking to his taste for the rooms, courtyards and rear of the house.

He accompanied Sarmiento, sitting in a chair while Sarmiento was working in his study, and any visitor knew that he should not occupy that chair if you don’t want to be cast to pecks by the chuña that didn’t invade their territory.

He considered the birds as beings endowed with great intelligence, admiring especially the ovenbirds which described with great respect: «…I Was in my seventies and more abriles of force, of command, of anger olympics, when looked up to the sky, perhaps to protest against my company and what do I see? I just persuado it! a hornerito industrious, labored, over my head on a branch of willow that had been done to prune, striving to build its nest of clay…»

Sarmiento was well aware of their obligations in the care of their birds not only the care with which they were professed, but by the responsibility that you could be as President of the Society for the protection of Animals.

Also liked the box with motifs of birds and several of them decorate the walls of their homes. His granddaughter Eugenia Belin, knowing this, he painted some of them.

Its concern for the protection of birds led him in 1886 to apply to be a justice of the peace of Junín, with the object of protecting the herons that lived in the lagoons of the area. Sarmiento had been enraptured with the natural landscape, the variety of the fauna that existed in these fields: swans, flamingos, ducks, among others, and those who had to preserve and defend the persecution with firearms.

Until his last days he admired, respected and enjoyed the beauty of nature, which, in both divine creation had to defend and protect, so that both the present generation as the future could enjoy it as much as him.

Sarmiento, inspired by his love of animals, organized the first march in his defence, consisting of a loose bird.

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