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The Municipality participated, through the department of Bromatology, in the V conference of the Regional Health in the town of Benito Juarez.

Under the motto «Municipalities face the challenge of the tenure of dogs and cats», officials of the 16 municipalities in buenos aires gathered on this day that developed the past days and that included the dissertation Not. Vet. Juan Enrique Romero.

The Director of Food science, Mirta Alcobedo attended the activity together with members of the area.

The main theme to treat in the event it is linked to the sterilization of dogs and cats, are considered important in the field of public health.

Our Municipality works in a sustained way in animal protection and the ethical control of urban fauna. From the city State will implement various actions to control and reduce the population of stray animals. These are exposed to the dangers of the street, and-above all – can result in bites, traffic accidents and risk to the population of contracting diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis, parasitic diseases, among others.

One of such actions is exactly the development of a monthly calendar of sterilization, which according to the Provincial Law 13.879 are totally free. The sterilizations are carried out every day in the area of Bromatology, and also, since many neighbors do not have the possibility of approaching Bromatology, at the initiative of the management of the intendant Ezekiel Galli, the Municipality has an operating room vet mobile, in which professionals veterinary of the Directorate of Food run through the neighborhoods around the Party of Olavarria and are responsible for practice surgeries.

The shifts are made by phone at 02284 – 423737, Monday to Friday, from 7 to 13 hours, or via e – mail to In function of the demand is updated on the calendar on a monthly basis.

Also Bromatology implemented with frequency-days of pet adoption in different points of the Party and -on the other hand – all the years carried out a campaign of rabies vaccination free of charge.

For all these tasks, Bromatology works jointly with the Association for the protection Olavarriense of the Abandoned Animal (APOAA): civil association, non-profit (volunteer) that has a property given on lease by the Municipality to house the dogs rescued from the street.

This space has several dog runs to have there to more than 150 rescued dogs, which are vaccinated, castrated, assisted and given up for adoption.

APOAA receives from the Municipality of Olavarría a monthly allowance intended to cover many of the expenses of the Protective and on the other hand, fees bimonthly of volunteer partners.

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