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City officials, in the area of Zoonoses Eldorado, expressed their discomfort with the lack of regulations governing responsible pet ownership. The unrest came after made public the approval of the ordinance on protection and responsible pet ownership in Puerto Iguazu, but not in the capital of the work.

The debate over the proper care of pets is of old standing, however, today is back to enter into a discussion between professionals, officials and neighbors.

“In what language shall order the ordinance in Iguazu? Because I ordered the same thing for 10 years to the city of Eldorado, until this year I was told that you can not! We deal with the law. And what part of the health? In the Law 14.346 does not say that the dog must be healthy, clean, vaccinated and without parasites so it doesn’t spread to the neighbors. It is very sad and demoralizing,” he said in your account of Facebook the coordinator of the department of Veterinary medicine and Zoonoses, Diana Corti.

In turn the director of the above-mentioned municipal Department, Jorge Libutski, in dialogue with the FIRST EDITION, said, “responsible ownership is a matter pending since the legislative municipal,” and added that “it should strengthen and consolidate the institutions that would collaborate with the ordinance, in parallel with the corresponding structuring of the Center of Zoonoses. So that it has the operational capacity to perform the controls,” he said.

The Director also explained it is not enough to make only spayed / neutered animals to control the population of animals in the city, “seven years ago, have been doing castrations in the city of Eldorado, showing that if this activity a preventive of birth goes hand in hand with the tasks of awareness of the population, has as a result a effect little shocking control of the animal population,” he concluded.

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In front of the clear need, expressed by city officials, rules governing the care and keeping of pets, the judge of the Court of Misdemeanours of the city, Nora Ortiz, told this Newspaper that “the Eldorado has regulations that regulate the possession, as well as there are provincial laws and the national”, ensuring that what should happen is that “Zoonosis, which depends on the Direction of Environment, Food and Zoonoses and, in turn, of the Secretariat of Social Action is to implement and enforce the regulations that we have”.

He clarified that “it is not the solution to fill us with standards that do not apply”. However there is a provincial law that secures and expresses the care that should be taken for the pet; and the responsibilities that this entails.

“Hence the need to create municipal ordinances, to normatice this situation, and that each neighbor is aware of their responsibilities to the animal you adopted and can generate a good neighbor,” he exclaimed Graciela Villagra, president of the Association for the protection of Animals “Love Animal” of the city of Iguazu, who said: “I Wish it could work like it worked in Iguazú, in all the municipalities of the province”, as a promoter of the adopted ordinance in the Capital of Tourism.

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