Burned with boiling water to a dog in Bell Ville – The Newspaper

A dog was attacked in the city of Bell Ville is probably with boiling water, so that it is in state reserved, as indicated by one of the workers of the humane Bell Ville.

The animal belongs to a family, but would have escaped and when he returned they found him skinned. «The dog is always tied up and, in a moment of inattention were let out and escaped. And when he returned to his home, he came back with the leather hanging. Sure it was boiling water,» explained Lucia Cabanillas, who works at the shelter, which has nearly 150 dogs.

«This is the first time that we see a case like that here in the city, at least we learned,» added the woman, in statements to The Voice of the Interior.

Perro bell ville

Stable, but in a state reserved

The dog, named snowflake out and that has an owner, it is even better after being attended to by a veterinarian. Their health status is «stable», although in status «reserved».

«It looks good for the healing and (for) the medicine you take that is strong,» said Cabanillas.


Source: The Voice of the Interior.

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