Seek reintegration of young offenders through boxing – The Sun of Toluca (press Release)

Zinacantepec, Mexico.- With the presence of champions and excampeones world of boxing, the civil association Re-inserted, and the World Boxing Council, inaugurated the fitness professional who donated to the Detention Center for Adolescents, a Fifth of the Forest, where they called for the residents to practice the sport, which requires discipline, effort, perseverance and that will teach them to lead a life away from the antisocial behavior that brought them to that place.

Luis Arias Gonzalez, director general of Prevention and Social Reintegration, said the current System of Criminal Justice for Adolescents, raises that to their social reintegration requires a plan of specific activities that include the topics of education, sports, cultural, environmental protection, the physical and mental health.

He added that the law governing that system points out that the adolescents shall be entitled to all the rights inherent to the people and, in addition, they will be guaranteed the opportunity to assure the best conditions for their physical development, for which he expressed appreciation to the instances that has actually made this gym, which will help to forge a different future to the one they had outside of the institution.

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council, recalled that the mexicans who have been world champions in this sport come from complicated environments, like those faced by former residents of the Fifth of the Forest, which invited them to join this project that will have as an instructor at the fighter Adam Maldonado.

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Mercedes Castañeda Gómez Mont, chairman of the program Re A. C., thanked the State of Mexico with the facility to implement its reintegration programme in the Fifth of the Forest and to other associations that are willing to break barriers to “help us to help”, such as the World Council of Box.

He said that in the face of criticism that they receive for passing their life in places of internment, every day confirm their conviction that, in this case, young people are just looking for an opportunity to get ahead, and together with them to put a stop to the cycles of crime so that they are where they deserve to be all the mexican youth: in the school, with a happy life and without risks, “thank you for giving us tools so that our voice is stronger”, ratified.

Christian Manzur of Sulaiman president of the WBC Mexico for the World Boxing Council, said that it is a branch of philanthropy that helps in all the countries where it is represented to the most vulnerable populations in the world and every year –noted– to make a donation, important in Mexico and this year it was very easy to choose which cause to support: the fitness professional of boxing for the Fifth Forest.

The funds were raised through a tournament of goal –informed– and they chose to Re-to be an association that speaks for itself; in addition, he described his belief that the sport is one of the ways for young interns to go forward, “you can’t do anything about what happened in the past, but we can decide how we’re going to live in the present” and wished all the teens a lot of luck against the possibility that the Fifth of the Forest comes out a new world champion.

The event was attended by: Georgina Aboud Perez, director of Foundation Porrúa, and Patricia Zúñiga, representative of the association Miracles Canine; Fernanda Estrada, representative of the united States Agency for International Development (USAID, for its acronym in English). Among the boxers assistants were: Joseph “Pippin” Cuevas, Isaac Bustos Hernández, Eduardo “Rocky” Hernandez, Dante “Crazy” Jardón Suárez, Judith Rodriguez Rodriguez, Ibeth “Roca” Zamora, Osvaldo Reason.

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