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ENSENADA, Baja California(GH)

Faced with the inconsistency of the associations of protective animals for the operaciÃ3n spot of the orioles, the deputy director of the AdministraciÃ3n Urban, EcologÃa and Environment, Victor Manuel Arenas Lio, informÃ3 the actions that are taking place.

The official informÃ3 that from 15 June started administrative proceedings against the activity related to the rental of horses.

“Desde that date we started a inspecciÃ3n and we catered with services méphysicians to make a revisiÃ3n state of health and health care of seven horses that provide that service, have all resulted in good estadoâ€�, afirmÃ3.

ReconociÃ3 that the service providers have failed to comply with various articles of the regulations for the protecciÃ3n of pets and in cuestiÃ3n of environmental quality.

“Nos we have noticed that there are no representaciÃ3n or environmental permit relating to the activity of rent of calandriasâ€�

The above is integrÃ3 in an act that is levantÃ3 the 12 of July, generating a resoluciÃ3n administrative where quedÃ3 accredited the personality legal of each one of the providers and the valoraciÃ3n by services méphysicians for the state of health of the horses.

“Podemos summarize that do not have a área shaded for protecciÃ3n of the horses and do not have a waste management sÃ3lidos and urine, all this will have given you seguimientoâ€�, afirmÃ3.

Sands Iol puntualizÃ3 that in the cuestiÃ3n operational, the Municipal Unit of Transport is the need to define the tutas and the type of permit you should have.

“Ellos must demonstrate a personality that is legal for you to do to get a peticiÃ3n the Secretary-General to operate as a transport turÃstico, a thing that, to date, we e have made, they still have not been integrated as a asociaciÃ3n with tempered jurÃdico legal and unofficially we know that they have been amparadoâ€�, revelÃ3.

The official informÃ3 on 20 September venciÃ3 the second resoluciÃ3n administrative emitiÃ3 the DirecciÃ3n de AdministraciÃ3n Urban, EcologÃa and the Environment, and are by issuing the operative end to solve the problem of the calenders.

“in the first resolution is generÃ3 a fine of 100 salaries mÃnimos, in case of not satisfying the second solution, we do not go to cover or to cancel the service that they prestanâ€�, detallÃ3.

Finally, comentÃ3 they also have been performing checks on the horses of income that are located in the Seaside Boulevard, as they are virtually in the same situaciÃ3n.

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