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The calandrieros which are not in accordance with the new model of calendaring electric “to find another job,” said the municipal president of Guadalajara, Enrique Alfaro.

The foregoing, then, that a group of these workers disregarded the agreement with the town Council and its former leader Peter Aguilar, the alleged grab of the permissions of the new vehicles.

“That calandriero that want to sign in to your moment once the process is completed the documents to continue to provide the service welcome and the not want to good, we do not accept blackmail, we do not accept threats, feints, the decision in Guadalajara is taken there is no more horse shots in the city.”

The Mayor added that the only one that they recognise as representative of the calandrieros is Aguilar Baptist by the agreements to which they came, the rest said, it is only grid inside.

“They will continue their lawsuit among them, the truth is that I have no care. Are grids internal and know who is behind, the same forever”.

Pedro Aguilar was dismissed by the calandrieros by considering that the negotiations to remove the horses from the calenders traditional were rigged and in favor of a few.

The orioles power

The 55 calenders electrical that will go into circulation in a few months more will be delivered by the city of Guadalajara on lease for 99 years to the calandrieros for your operation.

The operation of these vehicles will be at no cost to the workers of the same.

With respect to the horses that will be removed from the streets, he explained that these are the will of their owners, or may be donated to any association for the protection of animals.

Each vehicle will have a cost of half a million pesos.

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