Call for campaign of sterilization canine in Oaxaca – the Impartial

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax.

After holding that there is no culture of coexistence between animals of the street with the people, which is a response to the void policies of the state government and municipal, Hilda Toledo Salinas, president of the Association and Relief to the Dog Friend of Oaxaca, demanded a permanent campaign of sterilization for dogs and cats.

Due to that, there are about 100 thousand dogs and cats in our capital, he said that it is required to perform 10 thousand sterilizations each year to advance in the control of the population of the street.
Considered properly and strengthen the culture of prevention, because any population that does not have control with these animals sterilized are going to have problems and what needs to be done is to sterilize systematically so that it can go in addressing the problem.

The activist also called on the authorities to review certain behaviors, such as those people with the argument of adopting dogs is dedicated to sell them. Or those who remain its owners do not provide care to prevent assaults in the streets, as has happened.

He insisted that it should raise awareness to people to not have an animal which cannot take care of, a pet is not a toy, animals are the victims end up being punished by his own nature.

With more than a decade as an activist, your task is to protect dogs and cats and the grouping to which it belongs is bound to the pets.

Canine Association Malaga

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