Canada, a refuge for rescued dogs in other countries –


The world in pictures April 13, 2017

Tapatíos do visit the Seven Temples

Collision between a bus and a pipe on the road TWENTY-first Century

Collapses of traffic by the placement of latches in Peripheral and Tesistán

Directed explosives against Borussia Dortmund

The world in pictures, April 12, 2017

So we live in the trick riding in Uruguay

The world in pictures, April 11, 2017

Dies the actress Margarita Isabel

Man opens fire in a school in San Bernardino, California

Pole dance competition in Los Angeles

Christians in the world celebrate palm Sunday

The Beauty of the Day 13 C2017

Dogs take the Socket and exhibit training

Terrorism strikes christians in Egypt

The memes of the reconciliation of Chivas and Televisa

Bursts of violence in Caracas after lock-up

US launches missiles against Syria

The attack truck is registered in Stockholm

Obvalivajut in a flour to candidate French and other ‘pitches’ to politicians

Canine Association Malaga

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