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Mexico (El Universal).- Through the platform Change.org we launched a petition to request that not to sacrifice to a dog that was insured when it was used to attack and rob pedestrians on the colony Center.

The document relates that on the 23rd of may of this year, elements of the Secretariat of Public Security came to the junction of the street of Regina Roldán, where two subjects used four dogs breed pitbull to rob the passers-by.

The suspects were observed to those in uniform and released the canine to attack them. One of the dogs was secured, and it was called “Cinnamon”.
To be moved to a center anti-rabies, the dog owner went to sign the consent for which can be sacrificed, according to the text in Change.org.

The petition, addressed to the secretary of Health city, Armando Ahued, urges that the dog will not be euthanized, but that it be delivered to the association for the protection of animals “World Prong” for their rehabilitation.

So far, the document has been signed by 6 thousand 866 people.

HEARTBREAKING: dog understands that he was abandoned

By: The Debate In California.- The love that gives us our friend canine is unique, faithful and unique, and that same love that we receive we must correspondérselo also with love and affection to our pet, who, despite receiving some scolding, beatings, and do not feed properly, never but never we will leave, because the love of a dog is pure.

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