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Marco Antonio Regil held yesterday the free conference, “Leadership and Communication in the Animal Protection” during the event “Guanajuato X animals. Protect a benefit for us all”, held in Poliforum León.

Under the motto “Changing the world, be a hero”, the famous conductor of television spoke about the importance of protecting the animals.

More than 100 people gathered to listen to the speaker, who caused carcajas to tell jokes and anecdotes to explain how you can be a mexican honest and respectful of pets.

“I really liked what you told us, motivated us and even made me laugh because he said pure truths of the mexicans,” said Hilda Mireles, assistant.

For example, Regil said that in foreign countries the mexican is known for their “punctuality” in the meetings.

“We must change these negative aspects, we need to evolve personally and as well to be able to change to Mexico”, he exhorted.

The event was organized by deputy federal panist, Alejandra Gutierrez Campos, who prior to the conference spoke of the topic.

He said that due to the many requirements imposed by the Treasury, there is there are only seven associations of protective non-profit animal recorded at a national level.

“There are seven organizations that after a year to another are eliminated. Remember that with the changes to the Law on Income Tax all non-profit organizations, which are grantee authorized, have more responsibilities, a lot of rules that comply to the Treasury, and many have been discharged”, he said.

Gutiérrez Fields presented an initiative to reform the Law of the ISR (Income Tax), to allow the donations to the associations of animal rescue are tax-deductible and support the work of these organizations.

“We have partnerships and rescuers who have the desire, give their time, their money (for the animals), but we do so empirically, as we can,” admitted the lawmaker.

“I just talk to the Treasury and say that there are impact presupestal, because I showed them that the impact is minimal and that there is a way, we are in talks still to be able to include in the tax package that comes from the 8 of September”, he added.

The deputy mentioned that there is feasibility for such a proposal to pass, the only thing that is needed is the political will, we will try to convince them to give”.

During the chat Regil reported that today will give a workshop on the same topic, with the objective of raising funds on behalf of the associations of castile and león, animal rescue: Animare, Independence, and Gandhi.

The appointment is at 8:30 in the morning at the Poliforum; will have a duration of nine hours (ends at 6 in the afternoon) and the cost of entry is 100 pesos per person.

We give you response within 48 hours and you can have the money in less than 10

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