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The talented actress and model from bogota, Carolina Guerra visited in Colombia enjoying the beaches of San Andrés with her boyfriend, the heir to british billionaire David Reuben Jr.

The colombian will be a part of the Animal Kingdom, whose second season starts this June 26 at 8:00 pm, on the channel AMC. War be construed to Lucy and ensures that being in the production has been a challenge for his career and has represented a growing professional undisputed.

“Animal KIngdom” is a remake of the australian movie Animal Kingdom, and was developed for television by Jonathan Lisco (“Halt and Catch Fire” and “Southland”) and John Wells (“Shameless,” and “The West Wing”). It tells the story of Joshua «J» Cody, a 17-year-old after the sudden death of his mother, victim of an overdose of heroin is forced to contact his distant grandmother, Janine “Smurf” Cody. He has been protected by the clan Cody for years, on the grounds that then he would discover.

The series is about a young man of 18 who, after the death of his mother from a heroin overdose, you have to move to the home of some family members very liberal, in a beach town in Southern California. Suddenly, J’s is in the care of a grandmother almost unknown, Janine “Smurf” Cody, a woman who kept him away for years. Smurf governs his family firm, but loving, between a mother and protective head criminal.

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