Carretoneros of Real de Catorce exploit mules and horses up to … – The Sun of St. Louis (press Release)

REAL DE CATORCE.- The secretary of the Foundation, Real de Catorce, Esther Frías, said that there was great discomfort among many of the visitors for the festivals of San Francisco, the inhumane treatment that has been detected in the exploitation of the mules and horses are used to pull carts, with the passing of the tourism from aches and Pains to Trumpet the Magical Town through the 2 kilometres 300 metres from the tunnel Ogarrio.

Considered urgent the intervention of any protective association of animals, or in your case, obliging the authorities to monitor the work to which they are subjected to pull carts with an approximate weight of one ton, the more the cart through the tunnel Ogarrio, as some literally burst at the end of the day by the over exploitation to which they are subjected.

He said that the beasts are forced to work without rest from morning to night, and night the most, at the end of the day you can barely hold on foot and other bursts due to fatigue.

The own carretoneros have stated that they do not live of this business, because it only lasts for 20 days of the holiday season to St. Francis of Assisi, so that there are those who have proposed that the Secretariat of Communications and Transport, to negotiate with these people to stop this activity and to enable vehicles, vans, or electric trolley to transport the pilgrims who flock to the Magical Town and end this barbarism with the beasts of burden in the legendary mineral.

In addition to this situation, this year the carretoneros stopped using the bins to catch the droppings of the animals and to the inside of the tunnel Ogarrio there is a pestilence that barely allows you to breathe; a situation that by saying some should address urgently the State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks.

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