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A group of cart drivers disrupted traffic on the corner of the streets Juan B. Justo Roque Sáenz Peña after neighbors intercept yesterday evening to a car and will sustrajeran the horse. The police Station Second kidnapped the animal following a complaint by «overload».

The event that caused the upset of the people that decided to cut off the traffic this morning was because of a video that circulates on social networks where it shows that a woman interrupted the passage of a carriage came along the street Between Rivers to the 450 (in front of the Plaza October 12) and prompts you to allow the horse to one side.

Then, neighbors joined in the discussion with the cart drivers getting out untied the horse from the rope that held him. The claim of neighbors is based on the animal abuse by the «overload» with the driving.

Staff of the Municipal Guard also intervened in the matter in the disturbances that were generated.


Since the Protective Association of Animals from the Chaco, its owner Silvia Rodas, reported Daily Chaco that the horse is housed at the headquarters of the Rural Police, and under a provision of the Court of the shift.

«There was a complaint for overcharging and animal abuse, for which we shall examine the horse and the Justice will determine the steps to follow», explained the leader.

In addition, Rhodes noted that «exisitó an overweight in the animal because it was carrying materials for a trade apparently and managed to be slowed by a group of neighbors.»

In front of these cases, suggested to the citizens that make the corresponding complaint to the Police and that «not increpe the carrero or try to get the horse for prevention,» he said.

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