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Pantuque, the dog that bit two people and his mistress in the prison, was shown to have an aggressive temperament in the place where it is wrapped up that you define your fate, the House of the Mascot of the Municipality of la Paz. Animal SOS reported that he tried to the can and that its owner was afraid of him.

The responsible person of the Unit the Comprehensive Care of Animals of the Mayor, Glenda Ayala, reported on the status of animal that is the product of a legal conflict by having attacked two people, including a minor.

“The can is located in one of the dog runs to receive food, water and veterinary medical treatment to ensure the good physical condition, but it is a little bit aggressive when he should be placed in some vaccines with vitamins that will help you lose a little the state of stress,” he said.

Is purebred Shar Pei and is located in the Home of the Pet from the 6th of September. According to the results of analysis, it does not have rabies.

According to Susana Carpio of Animal SOS, a dozen dogs of the street where the child lives attacked previously were the victims of Pantuque.

«He was our patient in the veterinary CANITO, also your partner a Sharpei black, with the that is played with often. Not even his mistress could control it because he had a fear, in spite of this Pantuque remained in the street, with endless complaints that Zoonoses Peace never attended», reported in its account of Facebook.

The Ombudsman for Childhood and Adolescence was determined that the 12 year old child bitten presents emotional harm, for which it receives attention in the Therapeutic Center of the municipality. His family requests the euthanasia of the pet by repeat offenders.

As the owner of Pantuque, Claudia R., was referred to the Counseling Center for Women with Obrajes for the crimes of threats and injuries serious for animals.

The case not only gained relevance on the national level but internationally because Pantuque account with at least 18 lawyers for their defense of different institutions protective of animals.

The mayor Luis Revilla reported last week that the fate of the animal is in the hands of Justice.

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