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The Justice of Guarantees accepted that a protective of animals is a plaintiff in the cause of the Instituco Antonio Próvolo to investigate possible cases of bestiality that occurred in that institution, according to the statements of some of the victims.

It is the Association Reunion for the Animal Life (Asoreva), represented by the lawyer Oscar Mellado, who on the 22nd of last may made the presentation, but was rejected for technical errors in the writing.

After making the arrangements and to refine the data based on the declaration of two victims of the sexual abuse occurring in the Institute Próvolo, and returned to place the order on the Fourth Court of Guarantees, by judge Patricia Alonso, who this time accepted the request.

Both the prosecutor Gustavo Stroppiana as prosecutors for possible cases of bestiality, requested that expert veterinary in dogs that are still living in the Próvolo to see if they were also subjected to sexual abuse.

In the case that it is confirmed by the specialists that these practices led those responsible will be charged for animal cruelty.

Oscar Mellado told this portal that the legislation of Mendoza does not contemplate the bestiality as a crime, but if it is considered an unnecessary suffering for the animal.

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