Castration and vaccination, the main topics – Jujuy at the Time

There were 24 exhibitors at the Public Hearing where they discussed the tenure and responsible breeding of pets, tamable and abuse of the same.

The exhibitions, both orally and written, in the day of today will be analyzed by the Councillors of the capital city to then look at different sessions on the topics presented and as well perform the project.

Veterinarians, representatives of associations of protective animals, individuals, and even provincial deputies, spoke mainly in campaigns to neuter and free spay / neuter of dogs and cats, and improve their dissemination, with the eradication of the overpopulation of dogs on the public way.

Beyond those who signed up on time, were present people that did not enroll but were part of the debate by presenting their views in written form to assist in the ordinance.

After the Public Hearing, the Pte. of the Deliberative Council, Lisandro Aguiar, stated that “some of the axes along the discourses in common were related to the education, the communication of each of the obligations of responsible pet ownership, and also the neuter and vaccination campaigns”.

Another topic that was also addressed was the abuse on the pets where they should punish strongly all kinds of animal abuse, in addition to the provisions that already exist at the provincial level and national level. “We must establish clearly the Rights, obligations and penalties of those who fail to comply with the norm”.

For his part, the Deputy Provincial Nestor Sanabia, who participated in the hearing, explained that “in general we see the theme of the care of the animals, many times to speak but not perform policies in this regard and it is there where we must deepen the work both in the municipality as well as in the Legislature of the province, where they were presented a series of projects not only on tenure but also in the education of the pets”.

Completing the statements of the Deputy, the council member promoter of the project, Marta Russo Arriola, concluded that, “the Municipality is putting in conditions the canilera”.

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