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by: Uniradio Informa – 21 August 2017, 12:07 pm

TIJUANA.- In the framework of the celebration of the «Day of the Doctor Veterinarian animal industry», The College of Veterinarians in Tijuana (COMEVEZT, B.C.), held its constitution to the secretary of Education in the State and receiving her registration as a college and is recognized as each year, the professional excellence of its members.


The event took place in Canaco Tijuana, in the celebration of the day of the veterinarian in Mexico, where he took delivery of a document which certified the Association as a new College and the delivery of a Recognition of Professional excellence, informed the President of Veterinarians in Tijuana, B.C., Sergio Jaime Valdez Manrique.


He had the presence of Lic Maritza Guerrero Hernandez, in representation of the M. A. Miguel Ángel Mendoza González Secretary of Education and Social Welfare of the State of Baja California, to the CP. Jorge Macias Jimenez, Vice president of Canaco Tijuana, MVZ. José Alonso Pelayo Betancur, Head of the CADER-SAGARPA in Tijuana, MVZ. Miguel Ernesto Enciso, Head Dto. Dog Control, and in representation of the Municipal President of Tijuana, Lic Juan Manuel Gastelum Buenrostro, the MVZ. Alfonso Alexander Brown.


In 2012, we formed this association, which has been increasing now counting with more than forty registered in the branch Veterinarians having a greater preparation and identification in Tijuana, » said Dr. Sergio Jaime Valdez, president of the COMEVEZT, BC


The objectives of the agency are to promote the preparation of the Veterinarian, providing a professional service in the practice of this branch. In the commercial area the School is responsible for facilitating the contact Industry-Doctor in the Northwest Region, conducting courses, workshops and certificate programs that allow a continuous training and academic upgrading.


On the other hand, the College participates in community support in vaccination campaigns, as well as working in conjunction with the city Council and other Associations in campaigns of sterilization free, noted Dr. Valdez.


The board of directors of the COMEVEZT, B.C., Is formed by the Secretary: Dr. Melecio Hernandez Sanchez, Treasurer: Dr. Antonino Galindo Cabrera, Vice president: Dr. Jorge Manuel Vizcaino Salas, President of the Honor and Justice Committee: Dr. Jesus Roberto Of the Holy Rosales and the President of the Scientific Committee: Dr. Juan Manuel Fuentes Rosales.

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