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Drafting of The Country

Around ten cases of neglect and abuse of domestic animals, mainly dogs and cats, treats Environmental Police on a daily basis. For its part, the Dagma, it receives about 150 complaints monthly related to the improper management of wildlife.

How to care for animals that are victims in those incidents, Cali should already have the Center for Surveillance and Control of Zoonoses and Animal Protection, Coso City, and with a Center of Attention and Valuation to Wildlife, CAF, two projects that have been in limbo for trouble in achieving a lot. In regard to the Arena is added the opposition of the community.

In effect, the secretary of Municipal Health, Alexander Duran, indicated that the Coso brings more than 18 years trying to run. At this time, three guardianships filed by the community impede your progress, as neighbors of the Lot Guadalupe (Carrera 56 calle 12) on – site authorized by the land use Plan for the project – are not in agreement with the work in that place because they believe it will generate negative impact.

“The wards have failed in the first instance on behalf of the Municipality and we think that are soon to fail in the second instance. This has not prevented us from giving haste to the purchase of the lot, and as we move forward on the issue of the administrative model, and financial was built with the University of the Valley,” said Duran.

The mayor Jorge Zorrilla, the coordinator of the Group of Police Environmental Cali, noted that receive the animals are mistreated or abandoned and it is the duty of the Mayor, therefore, is urgently needed with the site. “There are foundations that protect animals that we no longer receive it because they are saturated, have an animal of such costs and the State does not bring to them a weight,” said Zorrilla.

For his part, councilman Carlos Andrés Arias, announced that it will be cited in a discussion of control to know what is the reality of the project. “The relocation of the Coso (Zoonoses), veterinary hospital and the centre of animal welfare are three projects that were in the Plan of Development,” said Arias.

Wildlife has a home-pass

At the end of this year, the City Administration hopes to have ready the lots for the construction of the Arena and the CAF, and start construction works in 2018. Janeth Joy, deputy director of Management of Environmental Quality Dagma, indicated that even though there is not the center for wildlife, the city has a home of step, located in the Municipal Nursery, which has been strengthened to pay attention to the animals that are rescued or seized. To this place are brought, temporarily, to rehabilitate them in the event that it is required, and are subsequently released into their natural environment.

“Not account with the CAF because it has been a little bit affordable the management of the achievement of the terrain, but we are working on that and our goal is to December what we have for the next year to design and start phase one of construction,” said Joy.

The official added that they have close to $1000 million to purchase such lot and the search progresses in the rural area. Have already seen grounds in The Ant, The Leonera, La Buitrera, and Montebello, on which you are performing diagnostics.

For Liliana Ossa, director of Peace Animal, Cali does not require build more homes-of-way, but rather to promote the respect for nature. “What is needed is the enforcement of the Law, which stipulates that no animal, exotic or wild you can be in the hands of anyone who is not of the nature, we need committed officials who control the illegal traffic,” said Ossa.

This year, the Dagma has served 788 species in the home to step and 475 have been released. Birds and turtles are some of the animals coming in.

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