Check out the story of Misha, the “cat matriarch” of Carlos Paz – Carlos Paz Vivo

The video recorded two weeks ago, yet tender and touched by the dedication of a loving cat, in addition to feeding their own kittens, and also helped with your milk to some puppies and orphans.

Adriana Castro, a member of the Institution for the protection of Animals Homeless (IPAD), filmed the moment in which the cat nursed her kittens and the puppies that lost their mom hit by a car.

“We were with my girlfriend seeing some cases of injured animals, abused and embichados (sic), we pass through Roma street and saw a dog with its puppies. We spoke with the owner to neuter the dog and take photos of the puppies to help give them. The cat also had breeding. The two days we asked for the puppies and told us that the dog was no longer there. The searched for two days until they found her dead, hit by a car,” he told Carlos Paz Vivo!

The motherly love did that the cat would expose his body to the puppy orphans: “as long As the dog was not, the cat went to the cuchita of the puppies and it was left to suckle. And then they were kittens behind her, to the heardit of the puppies,” he said.


Adriana said that in those days the queen received a lot of attention and care food to withstand such wear. Later the puppies were adopted by some families of our city. There are still two kittens males available to deliver.

For his part, Misha, “cat matriarch” and protagonist of this story, will be spayed in the next few days and will be in the care of his family.

If you are interested in join the IPAD, and collaborate with their actions, contact the 3541574871 or 3541621077.

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