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Chimbote Online.- A group of activists, defenders of animals conducted a sit-in in the area of 27th of October – close to the Terminal, Petroperú – to require the authorities to prevent chinese citizens to sacrifice dogs to their food.

The representative of the Association for the protection of Animals “Canelita Linda”, Mirtha Izaguirre Valenzuela said they have gathered evidence that the chinese would be taking the dogs from the street and this area of Chimbote.

He said that his association, and people of good heart to feed the animals at different points, but in the last few weeks have been gone more than 70. “I fed them and they were on the banks of the October 27, were 21, but on the other hand, have gone away more than 50. This area was populated by dogs, but have become extinct”, vociferó.

In that regard, he requested the authorities to conduct an inquiry and entering the ships to conduct continuous inspections. “You have just rescued a puppy by a young animal and there’s a video that demonstrates the abuse that you have given to can. We have sought witnesses did not want to testify for fear of losing their job,” he lamented.

Mirtha Izaguirre said that due to the allegations by the social networks to respect the life of the dogs have taken knowledge that the same pangueros are selling it to the eastern up to 100 suns the medium, and 50 small.

The protesters came up to the city dock to listen to your voice of protest. On their tour they showed a poster with the slogan: “Up against the custom of eating dog meat, and cat. They are in Peru, not in China.”

(By: Milton Palpa)

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