Collect dogs in Samana for adoption in New Hampshire – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

NEW YORK._ The humane Society of the Valley of Cocheco, New Hampshire, is collecting dozens of dogs realengos in the tourist town of Samana in the Dominican Republic, to bring them to the united States and deliver them to families in that state who want to adopt them.

The doctor of veterinary science Sarah Proctor, in charge of the program, described the neighborhoods of Samana in the roof dogs realengos as “places of extreme poverty”.

Between may and June, a brigade of the society as directed by her, was shifted to Samana, bringing numerous dogs. Prominent among these is one called “Caya”, found on the streets starving, and sick, and weighing 35 pounds.

“Caya” is one of the quadrupeds dominicans to which the company is looking for a home, what stays in the shelter that keeps the entity in Cocheco.

“We are looking for residents in New Hampshire, they want to adopt these adorable animals dominicans”. said the vet to the newspaper, Union Leader, talking about the operating.

She also directs the technology program. It is also an assistant professor in the Thompson elementary School of Applied Sciences of the University of New Hampshire.

He recounted that he traveled with two of his students to the Dominican Republic. This trip was in may as part of the program called “Project Samana Inc.”. This takes the name of the tourist city situated in the Northeast of the caribbean country.

“This is a program that works in the poorest regions of Latin America and The Caribbean”, said dr. Proctor.

Proctor and the students worked with others for the spaying, neutering and vaccination to the numerous stray dogs dominicans that roam the streets.

“I saw dogs running around everywhere and they seem to coexist with people,” said the vet.

The doctor said that there is a lot of poverty in those parts and the procedure of spaying, neutering and vaccination of dogs, is part of the list of priorities for those who are trying to survive day to day.

Proctor said that the breeding of different mixes of all the stray dogs, has created stray dogs whose maximum weight is 35 pounds each.

During the project, Proctor and his students visited the farm of Samana dogs, a volunteer organization that rescues abandoned animals. The organization raises the animals, while in search of a home to adopt them.

Proctor said that the dogs that the organization takes are young.

He said that dogs, can be a expensive shipping, with an average of $350 dollars in expenses for dog.

The greater part of the cost includes the compliance of the guidelines to put them in quarantine. Then send the dog by plane. “That is above the rate of adoption of the humane Society in the Valley, Cocheco, which helps to maintain the non-profit organization in operation”.

He said that while there are dogs in the united States, in need of rescue. There are national challenges.

Renée Mack, is a manager of the shelter of the society. He said that 90% of local purchase orders is in favour of the pit bulls, which have a limited market in the area.

“There are problems to get rescue dogs from shelters in other parts of the country. As the Southern states,” said Proctor.

He added that the paperwork is not always correct. Dogs are not as described with some examples. “And if the dogs don’t find homes quickly, the Human Society uses its limited resources for the care of the animals until they could find a suitable home”

He said that “we are looking for places that are reliable, honest and who can take the dogs.”

Caya, roamed the streets of Samana. It has 3 years old, he found a home quickly with the lady Vicki Soletsky in the suburb Brookline.

She is technical, veterinary and has worked with Proctor in Samana for years.

His family was looking for a new dog. Mack said that the shelter created a link in your web page. In the, people can adopt a dog dominican republic in the future. But if someone is interested in sponsoring one now, you can make a donation to the human society.

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