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Around 5-thousand signatures demanding that he prohibit the final sale of animals in the bazaar Pericoapa will be delivered to the chief of Government, Miguel Angel Mancera, and the delegate of Tlalpan, Claudia Sheinbaum.

Through the platform of requests capital, will ask the local representative for the cessation of practices that violate the integrity of sentient beings, considered from the newly promulgated Constitution of the City of Mexico.

Until the moment missing less than 700 signatures of those who oppose the use of animals as mere producers of offspring, which are sold for the benefit of a breeder and never the animal.

One of the main complaints and signs of nonconformity is the lack of regulation in the nursery.

According to research from associations of protective animals, at these sites you wean the pups ahead of time, drop out, live in deplorable conditions and most are ill. So the market and soon die of have been purchased.

In the same way, say activists, the animals are surrounded by vomit and excreta of their fellow sick of distemper and other contagious diseases among dogs.

Collection of warranty. The driving force behind this petition is to Ana Muniz, who seeks to exterminate the practice of payment of guarantee of life of the animals.

“The livestock merchants in this bazaar Pericoapa are still taking advantage of the heart of the people, claiming that they will change the animal died for a new one, as if it were a commodity.” That is one of the arguments that are described to Mancera.

The couple, from the Monument to the Revolution, yesterday organizations defenders of animals also demanded the head of the Government the publication and promulgation of the Agency of Animal Protection, the initiative of the deputy prd Victor Hugo Romo.

That instance will be the one responsible for dictating the lines of actions for the eradication of acts of abuse or cruelty and will be provided with a pattern of official associations dedicated to the care of the animals.

According to the civil association Tlallikali-House of the Earth and of the Press Animal, three out of every 10 people who have witnessed acts of animal cruelty have been involved in these practices, in addition to that 98% of serial killers started by killing animals.

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